Thursday, 6 September 2012

George Michael starts tour in Vienna

Symphonica tour has been resumed by singer George Michael in Vienna,thanking the medical staff who treated him for near-fatal pneumonia in the city last year.

George commenced at Wiener Stadthalle after postponing the tour in November when he fell ill.

"This is one of the greatest honours of my life, to sing to the men and women who saved my life," he said.

Michael getting face to face with crowd expressed them it was "great to be alive", and performed a rendition of Nina Simone's Feeling Good at the request of one of the doctors.

He also performed his new single White Light, inspired by his near-death experience.

"I think given the manner of men and women who did save my life, we could not go without singing this song," he said.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Michael Wanted Duet With Amy!!

George wrote a song to perform with Amy as she was very inspired of her talented and wanted to performed a duet with her and to collaborate the late 'Rehab' hitmaker.

He said: "There is one [song] I wrote, I was hoping to sing with Amy Winehouse. I was so in awe of her talent, bless her heart I never got to offer it as a duet."

Last November George confronted 3 weeks of coma after falling ill with pneumonia, but he is very much recovered now and feeling healthy.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Micheal Ends To Tracheotomy Scar

George Michael is happy because of his tracheotomy scar - because it shows he's lucky to be in this world.

After being verified with pneumonim, the singer was hospitalized in Vienna, Austria, last November and during his four weeks under doctors' inspection he underwent a tracheotomy, an incision on the neck to aid breathing.

He told Gaydar radio: "I don't think it changes you as a person. I have a tracheotomy scar ... and it really bothered me for a while. I was thinking well maybe I should get something done about it. I know you can have scar treatment.

"But then I thought when I was looking in the mirror a couple of weeks ago that it does actually remind me every time I look at it that I'm lucky to be alive so I've decided to keep it."

Thursday, 27 October 2011

George Michael has pulled out at the Royal Albert Hall

George Michael has pulled out on Wednesday night at the Royal Albert Hall in a concert on London with a viral infection caught after falling ill.

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The Careless Whisper singer turns closed of his Symphonica tour with a homecoming gig in London, England on Tuesday but he has out to show each other up.

A post on the venue’s website reads, “With great regret, George Michael has been forced to postpone his concert tonight at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

“A Doctor visited George this afternoon and confirmed he is suffering from a viral infection and has a high temperature, and on medical advice he has been advised that he cannot perform tonight to allow him time to recover before his next concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday 28th October.”

The star hinted about a looming health crisis in a tweet on Monday, writing, “not speaking to anyone till tomorrow, resting my voice for the Albert Hall wanna be perfect for my fellow Londoners.”

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New album by George Michael who just “gay or gay friendly artists”

A new album by George Michael who just “gay or gay friendly artists” will highlight the work is done.

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I do not think that in itself is not really newsworthy, I wasn’t expecting Michael to be working with Beanie Man any time soon.

Although Eminem with Elton John, lyrics are employed, they do not? Maybe this is news. No, it is not.

The news that George has put together a collective of artists and his influence will be using some relatively unknown musicians pushing forward. Well, maybe.

Speaking to the NME, he said: “For this album I’m going to be working with either gay or gay friendly artists, and it’ll be a mixture of tracks sung by me and others by young gay artists – possibly unknown ones. And I’ve lined up some really great dance producers to work on it too, so it’ll be a pretty stunning record. I’ll be 48 when the album comes out, but I have to say that gay men’s relationship with dance music probably doesn’t end at the same time as straight people’s does!”

Thursday, 28 July 2011

George Michael is set to perform at the Arena Italsider

Iconic singer George Michael is set to perform at the Arena Italsider in Naples as part of his Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour.

11th September 2011 at a concert scheduled only three Italian tour dates and tickets on sale now is one

Michael will be performing a series of dates in cities across Europe, including Paris, Madrid, Rotterdam, Geneva and Stuttgart.

The 48-year-old, London-born singer's best-selling artists of all time and one of only seven UK number one record.

Michael's recent hit album, his faith and the audience in Naples rereleased can expect to hear songs from that record as well as plenty of other popular tracks at the show later this summer.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

George Michael believes that Rupert Murdoch's News International

George Michael has said he believes that Rupert Murdoch's News International efforts to destroy it.

Reading Festival

The Singer, whose personal life and criminal penalties for the half-press in the previous decade of stability.

In a lengthy post, which began with the subject of phone hacking, Michael wrote: "I can safely say that I am one of the few people amongst the thousands of News International's targets to have genuinely benefitted from Murdoch's attempts to destroy me."

He also told reporters he is confident that the police had paid for information about him.

He wrote: "The press would get to my house before I did. On every occasion, some little creep in that police station would have called the press. Cap in hand, and made a nice little wad of cash. I just became resigned to it. Perks of the job in the Met."

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

George Michael will perform a charity concert in aid of Elton's Aids Foundation

George Michael will perform a charity concert in aid of Elton's Aids Foundation.

It may have been a while since they talked, but George Michael and Elton John's charity seems to have ended their feud.

The singer had some trouble in recent times Elton's comments with Candle In The Wind songwriter of the substance abuse problems but has fallen out. Elton rehab, which led to a rift between the friends tried to make Michael.

Michael said, “I have seen how HIV can destroy families. I wanted to do something and also honour the efforts of Elizabeth Taylor and mark her passing.”

Elton Michael on the show a "dear friend" is called.

“George has been a patron of the Foundation since its inception and has been a valued supporter over the years.”

The concert will be run on 6th November 2011.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

George Michael is able to perform at the 'Keep a Child Alive Black Ball'

In a race against time George Michael is able to perform at the 'Keep a Child Alive Black Ball'. George on Wednesday evening charity performance with Alicia Keys was due to their cheeks, but says that "hairy football" looks.

Alicia established charity and will host the event, but George will be able to perform? Is it here that he was sick of bed tweeting,

"On the weekend, got some kind of infection in my lower jaw and the left side of my face now resembles a hairy football. I look like Marlon Brando ( I wish....) in the Godfather if they forgot to stuff the right cheek!.

"Anyway the point is I dont know if it will clear up in time for Wednesdays Black Ball Charity event with Alicia Keys... Which would be terrible, I don't want to let down the charity, which is excellent, and I would love to sing with Alicia, shes wonderful.... (sic)."

Saturday, 28 May 2011

George Michael and Alicia Keys are performon a charity concert

George Michael and Alicia Keys on a charity concert in London are set to perform on.

The artists will perform the Keep a Child Alive Black Ball event to present at London's Roundhouse on June 15, which will be hosted by Alicia and Mark Ronson.

In a statement, Alicia, 30, said: 'I've been a fan of George Michael for as long I can remember. He is a legend and an inspiration. His work raising awareness and funds for those suffering with the HIV virus has spanned three decades.

'I'm honoured that George has lent his voice to our KCA cause and I'm so excited that he's singing for us at the Black Ball in London. It is going to be an amazing night!'

Thursday, 12 May 2011

George Michael announced tour with orchestra in video

British pop star George Michael announced he was back on the straight and narrow and returning to the stage with an orchestra for a 47-date tour of Europe this year.

George Michael wants to prepare a new album as part of a "gay collective"

George Michael has wants to prepare a new album, which has part of a "gay collective".

The singer was announced an 'orchestral' UK tour at the autumn on 11th May, he said that he would look to recording alongside "either gay or gay-friendly artists" and that the album will be recorded during the breaks in his tour.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz, Michael said: "I'm looking to work with either gay or gay-friendly artists. Basically it will be a gay collective on which some of the records are sung by myself, some by other artists, possibly unknown ones, but there will be collaborations with a lot of artists."

The singer also said he hope that they harmed album gay community has done for the reputation of the last few years of their brush with the law after a few, will help to correct Was.

Michael said: "It's really a matter of thinking what can I do to contribute as a gay man, because I have a serious problem with the fact that every time I would let myself down I felt definitely that I was letting young gay people down."

He continued: " I want to make up for some of the damage that I have done in making myself so newsworthy and putting myself on the back foot enough that there was no room, or space, for me to defend gay children."

His tour starts at Royal Albert Hall in London in October.

George Michael perform forthcoming European tour at Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Opera House

George Michael perform in his forthcoming European tour at both sites the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Opera House which is to likes a full symphony orchestra.

Billed as The Symphonica: The Orchestral European Tour, Michael's trip for the street begin in the autumn at the Albert Hall for four nights (25, 26, 28 and 29 October) and continues well into 2012.

Michael at the Royal Opera House yesterday said, "The idea of singing with symphonic orchestras is because I heard Tony Bennett had done it recently, and I thought, 'What a nice idea'".

"Singing with this kind of backing has been very attractive to me for a long time."

This is in addition to the way in which Michael "gay young kids" to devote an album for which he badly about his antics in drug have been affected by some think.

Michael said, "Every time I made a big mistake or let myself down, I felt I was letting gay young kids down because they would then witness the homophobia that was thrown at me".

"I like to think that life is a balance so I have some plans to try and do things to help gay children.

"I felt it was really what I want to do as an artist. As an artist I'm at the stage where I'm not interested or excited by repeating former successes."

To beef up the gay-theme, Michael is to share the musician duties on the album with "either gay or gay-friendly artists".

He said, "It will be a gay collective on which some of the records are sung by myself, some by other artists, possibly unknown ones, but there will be collaborations with a lot of artists".

Those George Michael UK Tour Dates in Full:

Royal Albert Hall - 25, 26, 28, 29 October 

Dublin O2 Arena - 1 November

Royal Opera House - 6 November

Liverpool Echo Arena - 30 November 

Sheffield Motorpoint Arena - 2 December

Newcastle Telewest Arena - 3 December

Glasgow SECC - 6 December

Birmingham LG Arena - 9 December

Manchester MEN Arena - 12 December

Tickets go on sale next Monday, 16 May at 9am.

George Michael will make his first Iberian stop at Barakaldo's Bizkaia Arena

Promotor Live Nation 2011 concert from British singer George Michael is a new journey, the Spanish state in the early autumn, including three stops will be announced.

Michael on September 24th outskirts of Bilbao Barakaldo Bizkaia on the field will stop first in Iberian, Jordi Palau Sunni Madrid on the 27th September 25th (Palacio de los Deportes) and followed by Barcelona.

Pre-sale tickets Live May 25th from 10am Nations members are available, while tickets go on general sale 48 hours Ticketmaster Servicaixa, and will by El Ingl├ęs CORTE and are Euro 41.50 and 91.50 (the cost of more than Between the region depend on pricing.)

A premium golden ticket, parking, direct access to the VIP lounge and cocktail right audience entry includes a First Class seat, will also be available.

George Michael has debut brand new sports stadium

George Michael has debut the brand new sports stadium in Wroclaw, south west Poland, ahead of next year's Euro 2012 Championships. The Wham veteran on September 17 their things, a full-blown symphonic orchestra will strutting be backed by.

“Throughout the last year we spoke with dozens of artists, and it seems to us that we've made a very good choice,” said Michael Brill, vice president of SMG Europe, which operates the stadium.

He noted, “The most important factor for us was that it shouldn't be just an ordinary concert of a famous artist”, he associated with other Warsaw artists will also be participating in this event.

Concert tickets for 28,000 punters to be able to photograph. It has been reported that the sale will kick off on May 17.

George Michael first one in 1982 Wham "Young Guns (Go for it!)" shot to fame. However, the group dissolved in 198, Michael this alone worldwide album sales with a great amount of talent is enduring.