Thursday, 12 May 2011

George Michael has debut brand new sports stadium

George Michael has debut the brand new sports stadium in Wroclaw, south west Poland, ahead of next year's Euro 2012 Championships. The Wham veteran on September 17 their things, a full-blown symphonic orchestra will strutting be backed by.

“Throughout the last year we spoke with dozens of artists, and it seems to us that we've made a very good choice,” said Michael Brill, vice president of SMG Europe, which operates the stadium.

He noted, “The most important factor for us was that it shouldn't be just an ordinary concert of a famous artist”, he associated with other Warsaw artists will also be participating in this event.

Concert tickets for 28,000 punters to be able to photograph. It has been reported that the sale will kick off on May 17.

George Michael first one in 1982 Wham "Young Guns (Go for it!)" shot to fame. However, the group dissolved in 198, Michael this alone worldwide album sales with a great amount of talent is enduring.

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