Thursday, 12 May 2011

George Michael perform forthcoming European tour at Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Opera House

George Michael perform in his forthcoming European tour at both sites the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Opera House which is to likes a full symphony orchestra.

Billed as The Symphonica: The Orchestral European Tour, Michael's trip for the street begin in the autumn at the Albert Hall for four nights (25, 26, 28 and 29 October) and continues well into 2012.

Michael at the Royal Opera House yesterday said, "The idea of singing with symphonic orchestras is because I heard Tony Bennett had done it recently, and I thought, 'What a nice idea'".

"Singing with this kind of backing has been very attractive to me for a long time."

This is in addition to the way in which Michael "gay young kids" to devote an album for which he badly about his antics in drug have been affected by some think.

Michael said, "Every time I made a big mistake or let myself down, I felt I was letting gay young kids down because they would then witness the homophobia that was thrown at me".

"I like to think that life is a balance so I have some plans to try and do things to help gay children.

"I felt it was really what I want to do as an artist. As an artist I'm at the stage where I'm not interested or excited by repeating former successes."

To beef up the gay-theme, Michael is to share the musician duties on the album with "either gay or gay-friendly artists".

He said, "It will be a gay collective on which some of the records are sung by myself, some by other artists, possibly unknown ones, but there will be collaborations with a lot of artists".

Those George Michael UK Tour Dates in Full:

Royal Albert Hall - 25, 26, 28, 29 October 

Dublin O2 Arena - 1 November

Royal Opera House - 6 November

Liverpool Echo Arena - 30 November 

Sheffield Motorpoint Arena - 2 December

Newcastle Telewest Arena - 3 December

Glasgow SECC - 6 December

Birmingham LG Arena - 9 December

Manchester MEN Arena - 12 December

Tickets go on sale next Monday, 16 May at 9am.

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